A Very Leaky Theory: Three Problems With The Flood

Ah, the Flood of Noah.  According to the Bible, God was tired of sin in the world, so he decided to cause a global flood and wipe out everything.  But, since he didn’t want everybody to die, he told a guy named Noah to build a giant (450 feet long, to be precise) boat, and fill it with two of every animal kind, as well as his family.  He tried to convince people to board the famous Ark with him, but they just mocked him.  Then, on the day of the Flood, almost everybody and everything drowned in the soggy cataclysm.  But is this story a scientific reality, or just a bunch of mythical nonsense?  Well, let’s examine three big problems with everyone’s favorite doomsday scenario.

  • Where did the Flood come from?  Well, some creationists theorize that it was stored in the crust of the earth, and then was released when God commanded the “floodgates” to open, so to speak.  There’s just one problem: why are there still fish? An underground source of water, even if it was just in the crust, would have been boiling!  Another idea is that all of the Flood water was stored in a canopy of vapor.  According to Talkorigins, this can’t be true because it is scientifically impossible for the atmosphere to hold up so much water!  Still another idea is that an ice comet brought forth the waters of the Flood.  A comet that size would cause a greater catastrophe than the K/T Event, when an asteroid hit the Earth, causing the death of the dinosaurs!  And don’t try rain, either.  If you wanted to cause a rainstorm that could flood the entire planet, that would kinda be like having an army of airborne gangsters point their tommy guns at the ground and fire.  Nothing would survive.
  • The animals of the Ark.  The Ark could not hold two of every animal kind, even with evolution on the creationist’s side!  And don’t say that the fish survived, either.  Any global flood would eliminate coral reefs, wiping out a lot of the underwater population.  The same thing goes with the insects, some of which couldn’t have survived on the Ark, anyway, due to extremely short lifespans.  Noah didn’t have the technology to care for any of these creatures!  Creationists also claim that if the earth’s climate was temperate, all animals could live together, and thus would fully expedite the gathering for the Ark!  But according to Talkorigins, Noah would then have only the strongest and meanest animals to take on the Ark, since all of the competition would wipe out most animal species.
  • Post-Flood survival.  And even if two of every kind of animal survived the Flood itself, there would still be no livable world to go back to!  No plant could have survived, and just one breeding pair of each animal WOULD NOT be enough to save them!  And how would people get along, with no realistic food source!  As you can see, if the Flood had been real, we wouldn’t be here!
So, ladies and gentlemen, it is clear to see that the Flood is scientifically unreasonable.  There are many more “evidences” for the Flood, and in due time I will attempt to debunk them, but for now, look at the evidence against, and think to yourself: could this really have happened?  The answer-very unlikely.

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