And So It Begins…

Well, guess what?  I think, on my post about education, I got a comment from a creationist, or at least somebody who disbelieves evolution!  Just a book reference and a few website links, but it’s clear that now, this blog is attracting at least a little bit of attention!  In fact, I approved this comment, because I believe that if this guy returns, a healthy debate could occur!  Every fighter needs a sparring partner, I have heard!  Plus, I want to help bring down the idea that creationism is being completely censored.  Actually, it’s quite the opposite.  Evolution doesn’t have its own theme park, last I’ve heard.  And according to Talkorigins, creationism, what with all its books, videos, and seminar ticket sales, is a multi-million dollar industry.  I bet Answers In Genesis isn’t hurting for cash!

And yes, we’ve all heard that Inherit The Wind was false propaganda against Bible literalists, but you have to understand that the film was highly dramatized!  For example, on the last day of the trial, I don’t recall any guy dying of a heart attack while he was shouting at the crowd.  Besides, that argument also states that Inherit The Wind portrayed evolution as being censored, when evolution is, in fact, censoring creationism!  Well, if I do recall, the whole reason the trials began is that a man was fined for teaching evolution, which has to tell you something.

Well, it seems that’s all the time we have for today!  Let’s watch this commenter, and see what happens next!  And so it begins…


  1. #1 by David on July 10, 2011 - 2:11 am

    You write: “Plus, I want to help bring down the idea that creationism is being completely censored.”

    In my 1997 article, Do Creationists Publish in Notable Refereed Journals?, I wrote:

    Creationists who publish scientific research in mainstream journals have found that they can publish articles with data having creationist implications, but will not get articles with openly creationist conclusions published. When they attempt to do this, their articles are usually rejected. Those who are well-known to evolutionists as creationists have more difficulty even with articles which do not have obvious creationist implications.

    For example, mathematics. Dr. Robert A. Herrmann (professor of Mathematics, Ret.) U.S. Naval Avademy

    Some of his peer-reviewed publications that had creationist implications:
    1) [CS] “A special isomorphism between superstructures,” Kobe J. Math., 10(2)(1993), 125-129.
    (3) [CS] “Nonstandard consequence operators,” Kobe J. Math., 4 (1)(1987), 1- 14.
    (4) [CS] “Supernear functions,” Math. Japanica, 30(2) (1985), 169-185.

    Nonstandard and Infinitesimal Modeling/ Mathematical and Theoretical Physics

    (1) [CS] “A hypercontinuous hypersmooth Schwarzschild line element transformation,” Internat. J. Math. and Math. Sci., (to appear)
    (2) [CS] “An Operator equation, and relativistic alternations in the time for radioactive decay,” Internat. J. Math. and Math. Sci., 19(2)(1996):397-402
    (3) [CS] “Operator equations, separation of variables and relativistic alterations,” Internat. J. Math. and Math. Sci., 18 (1)(1995):59-62
    (4) [CS] “Special Relativity and a nonstandard substratum,” Speculations in Science and Technology, 17(1)(1994):2-10.
    (5) [CS] “Fractals and ultrasmooth microeffects,” J. Math. Physics, 30(4), April 1989, 805-808.
    (6) [CS] “Physics is legislated by a cosmogony,” Speculations in Science and Technology, 11(1) (1988), 17-24.
    (7) [CS] “Rigorous infinitesimal modelling,” Math. Japonica, 26(4)(1981), 461- 465. Natural Systems and Cosmologies
    (1) [CS] “Mathematical philosophy and developmental processes,” Nature and System, 5(1/2)(1983), 17-36.

    I think it’s extremely rare for creationists or proponents of intelligent design to submit papers for peer-review in secular journals with openly creationist/ID conclusions. That’s why creationists for example, have set up their own peer-review system and publish their own journals eg. Answers Research Journal

    There’s a link to an article by Jerry Bergman on censorship at:

    Evolution: The Creation Myth of Our Culture
    by David Buckna

  2. #2 by David on July 10, 2011 - 2:24 am

    As for the film, Inherit the Wind:



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