Religion, Science, And The Great Pumpkin

What is creationism?  Is it purely religious, or does it have scientific implications?  I highly doubt the latter.  What is evolution?  Is it purely scientific, or does it have religious implications?  I highly doubt the latter for that one, as well, but creationists constantly claim that evolution is mostly just religious faith, and they use the classic, but awfully wrong, six types argument.  Basically, the argument states that Darwin’s theory of evolution comes in six different types:

  1. Cosmic Evolution-the origin of space and time, via the Big Bang.
  2. Chemical Evolution-the idea that chemicals evolved from just hydrogen.
  3. Stellar Evolution-the formation of planets and stars.
  4. Organic Evolution-the origins of life.
  5. Macroevolution-changes between kinds, like dinosaurs to birds.
  6. Microevolution-changes within species, like wolves to Mexican gray wolves.
And here, the creationists claim that science is observable, and since the first five can’t be observed, they aren’t scientific, rather religious in nature.  But there are two problems with this misconception:
  • First of all, the first four “types” of evolution don’t even fit into Darwin’s theory!  Evolution does not attempt to explain the origins of life, in particular, because natural selection requires animals to be present.
  • Second of all, just because you don’t see a Velociraptor turning into a condor on a day-to-day basis doesn’t mean that it isn’t observable anywhere!  It’s observable in the fossil record.  Just look at fossilized dinosaurs like Oviraptor displaying birdlike behavior, and the early bird Archaeopteryx, with its teeth and reptilian bone structure!
And also, what is your definition of religion?  A reasonable attempt to explain how natural causes gave rise to new species (but not the first ones?) is not at all religious.  If you ask popular evolution bloggers like Nick Matzke and PZ Meyers what their religion is, I guarantee that it will not be evolution.  So why do some creationists keep saying that evolution is religious in nature?


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