Demonizing Us: Why, Exactly?

Us proponents of evolution are atheistic, immoral, racist snobs.  Or at least, that’s what the creationists say.  Today, I’ll be shooting holes in four descriptions of evolutionary scientists that just aren’t true-in fact, they’re really quite insulting.  Showtime!

  • Evolutionists are atheistic-Darwin himself was Christian, though his faith in God began to dwindle as he got older.  As well as Darwin, famous evolutionary scientist Kenneth Miller believes in theistic evolution, the idea that God set the ball rolling, but then sat back to relax and enjoy what would happen next.
  • Evolutionists are immoral-Nobody’s perfect.  After all, you can’t call the creationists who are DEMONIZING us over here perfectly moral, either.  And anyway, since when does attempting to explain natural causes scientifically count as being immoral?
  • Evolutionists are racist-The very notion is an insult!  This is a variation on the claim that evolution causes racism, when the opposite can be considered true!  Just look at the first few pieces of the Talkorigins Index To Creationist Claims, and you can find references to CREATIONISTS being racist, as well.  And, due to evolution being the backbone of genetics, Darwinian science refutes racism, instead of promoting it.
  • Evolutionists are snobs-This is, apparently, because we often judge people based on their opinions of evolution.  Well, intellectual embarassment Richard Dawkins might, but most of us do not!  Frankly, I think you should AT LEAST understand the true concept of Darwinian evolution, and the facts for, before trying to attack it.  I’m talking to you, Kent Hovind!

So, why do the creationists want to demonize us?  Because if we’re apparently immoral snobs, no one will believe us, and thus the creationists will have won!  But it can also embarass them, because if they call us snobs, they’re no better!


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