Exploring CSE Part One: Preconceptions And Misconceptions

Ah, Florida.  Land of sunshine, cool theme parks, and creationism.  That’s right, creationism.  You see, the notoriously incorrect ministry Creation Science Evangelism is based in Penascola.  CSE’s founder, Kent Hovind, used to run a creationist theme park until it was shut down by the IRS.  But the ministry, their website, and the many unscientific lectures that are given each year still exist, so why don’t we dive into the realm of bad science and see how CSE ticks?

Let’s start with one of their newest blog posts, which is about the Big Bang theory.  Basically, it’s just yet another attempt at chastising the idea that something came out of nothing.  What, so a deity creating something out of nothing is reasonable, but an EXPLOSION creating something out of nothing isn’t?  In fact, just to salt this very unscientific wound, one of the last sentences reads this:

“Most of all, we do not accept the Big Bang theory because it is unbiblical.”

Okay, so it isn’t in the Bible.  So what?  You’re taking your science out of the Bible, that’s what.  I’ll admit it, the Bible sounds like a good set of stories, but that is no reason to take it literally and scientifically, especially the latter.  In another article, Kent Hovind writes that there is no fossil record, just bones in dirt, but somebody with the preconception (and, apparently, MISconception) of evolution interprets them that way.  First of all, Darwin did not have the preconception of evolution and common descent when he went to the Galapagos and witnessed over a dozen species of finches.  Don’t you think that if he found the scientific evidence for God reasonable, he would have written On The Creation Of Species?  And second, creationists use plenty of preconceptions, too!  Remember the quote above?  Because it’s unbiblical, they don’t accept it!

Now, for another blog post: If Evolution Is True.  Basically, it sends off a burst of things that are supposed to lower your self esteem.  Most of those things don’t even have to do with evolution.  The first one describes the Big Bang as a “cosmic burp”.  A few others deal with death, and another deals with your purpose in life.  Then, Hovind asks you to try and have some self esteem.  I’m not sure, but I think that counts as teasing, which is wrong on so many levels.  By the way, if evolution is true, then even a man can come from tiny, single-celled organisms, and that from one species can come twenty.  As one guy once titled his book, it’s the greatest show on Earth.

I was recently watching a CSE podcast, and the narrators asked what evolution has done for humanity.  Well, they say, it didn’t create computers, it didn’t put a man on the moon, etc.  But genetics, which has been used to fight bacterial infections, clone pigs, and lots of other cool stuff, is in fact the product of evolution.  And, according to creationists themselves, evolution (or at least the micro kind) has given us loyal creatures like golden retrievers and German shepherds.  Some dog breeds, which apparently are products of microevolution, have saved lives, from snow rescue to anti-bear defense (no joke, true story).

So, as you can see, you can’t exactly trust Creation Science Evangelism on matters of scientific inquiry.  And this is just part one of my three-part CSE dissection.  See you next time when we discuss a few minutes of creation-literally.


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