Introducing Operation: Secrecy!

Okay, to up the ante on Confronting Creation, I’m introducing my first big project, which I call Operation: Secrecy!  Basically, I’ll be finishing up my CSE reviews, and debuting the fiction series The Evolutionary Adventure, which is basically the Jonathan Parks (a creationist kid whose family and friends travel the world in search of scientific evidence for creationism, while fighting evildoers) of evolution.  So far, I have several ideas for TEA episodes.  Here they are:

  • Peril In New York-The independent team of secret agent evolution supporters known as the Darwin Club head to New York City to monitor a pair of debates at the American Museum Of Natural History, but discover that they’re rigged in favor of the creationists.  Plus, they face a more dangerous challenge when it is revealed that the evil Team Wasp has invaded the museum to eliminate the DC!
  • Flooding Terror-On a mission to spread the word about major problems in flood geology, the Darwin Club is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Von Ajabel and shrunk down into his scale model of the future Ark Encounter, where they face down his army of Microbots and must avoid a miniature version of the Flood!
  • The Missing Link Part One-The AMNH is receiving the pieces for a new exhibit on transitional fossils that obviously support evolution, but when the skeletons never arrive, the Darwin Club springs into action.
  • The Missing Link Part Two-After tracing the missing link fossils to Philadelphia, the Darwin Club must apprehend a squadron of Team Wasp commandos that have been causing mischief in the Academy Of Natural Sciences.  But when the squadron starts crisscrossing the city to escape, DC must split up, which could have dire consequences.
  • Cave Creatures-When a tour boat that goes through Kentucky’s Mammoth Caves discovers a massive fossil deposit, both the Darwin Club and Team Wasp race to interpret the great find, but a distraction at a paleontology tourist trap may spell the difference between life-and death.
  • Small Bang-The Darwin Club has always been about proving Big Bang theory, but even they have to intervene when a pyrotechnics expert tries to create his own cosmic explosion.  And this time, DC might find themselves on the same side as Team Wasp-until they get betrayed, that is.
  • Line Of Danger-A free cruise to the Bahamas may SOUND like good fortune, but when the Darwin Club discovers that it’s all a Team Wasp plot, they race to keep the “captain” from ramming the ship into an underwater fossil deposit.
  • The Hang Glider Escapade-Seeking revenge, Dr. Von Ajabel tracks the Darwin Club to the Grand Canyon, where they’re working on rooting out problems with flood geology.  To make matters worse, a group of creationist paleontologists that are running a debate series in the area turn out to be Team Wasp spies!
  • The Global Race Part One-When the remains of the HMS Beagle wash up on the shores of the Galapagos, the Darwin Club smells a hoax.  But Team Wasp is apparently convinced, forcing the two groups into a worldwide race to find the shipwreck.
  • The Global Race Part Two-The race to find the remains of the HMS Beagle are over, but Team Wasp is eager to demonize Charles Darwin, and the Galapagos are the perfect place to do it!  But intervention from the Darwin Club sparks a high-speed boat chase across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Danger In The Deep-Team Wasp descends into the depths of Monterey Canyon, with the Darwin Club in hot pursuit.  What they discover will rock the world-but is it really evidence for creation?
  • Testing Ground-In order to prove that only microevolution is scientific, Team Wasp goes overboard (again) and creates a new species of bacteria.  Can the Darwin Club keep them from unleashing it onto the world?
Coming soon to an evolution blog near you!


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