Man+Dino=Bad Creationist Arguments

Man and dinosaurs.  To most, it’s the description of a mysterious eternal fascination, but to young-earth creationists, it’s how things once happened.  Today, I’ll be shooting holes in four arguments for man and dinosaurs living together:

  1. The Ica Stones.  Here’s a classic-stones found in Peru not only depict advanced civilization, they also show man and dinosaurs living together in peace and harmony.  At least most of the time.  But there’s a problem here-the stones have been found to be hoaxes.  In fact, several local villagers have admitted to making the stones using pictures they found in comic books and magazines.  Additionally, apart from the Nazca Lines (which we shall discuss later on), no evidences for the civilization depicted in the stones have been found.
  2. Dragons.  Another classic dinosaur-man argument, the myth of dragons, some of which have saurian features, are in fact exaggerated accounts of dinosaurs.  Well, if you put it that way, dinosaurs must have breathed fire!  And who can forget the Greek Hydra, with multiple heads that could regrow whenever one was cut off.  So, creationists, do you mean to tell me that there were multi-headed, head-regenerating dinosaurs?  FAIL.
  3. Nazca Lines.  Here we are.  According to many creationists, the Nazca Lines depict a ceratopsian dinosaur, proof that man and saurian really coexisted.  I’m not gonna deny that there’s something lizard-like down there, but it reminds me of an iguana, or just a horned lizard.  In fact, it bears more resemblance to the original interpretations of Iguanadon (which looks kinda like a cross between a lizard and a monkey) than any ceratopsian I’ve ever heard of.
  4. Paluxy River Tracks.  Once upon a time, somebody found what looked a bit like a dinosaur footprint and a human footprint in the same riverbed, and called it evidence.  There are conflicting views on whether or not this was a misinterpretation of another dinosaur print or a total fake.  In fact, testimony supports the latter, meaning that this argument is not a threat.

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