Well, So Do You!

Today on Confronting Creation, I’m going to show you a pair of classic “evolution isn’t science” arguments, and why it’s funny that creationists use them, because they do it too!

  1. We make huge assumptions, like the Earth is billions of years old.  Okay, yes, evolution does need some time for it to properly happen.  But in fact, major changes could occur in about ten million years, making a younger Earth compatible with evolution.  Creationists, on the other hand, make even huger assumptions-God created the heaven and Earth in six literal days.  You’re gonna need a truckload of evidence (not from the Bible) for that, even more than the billions of years theory.
  2. Anything can fit into evolution, making it unfalsifiable and thus not science.  Wow.  Talkorigins did something on this, but if you don’t want to read it, I’ll sum it up for you: first of all, there are some things that could truly help falsify evolution, from Precambrian rabbits to actual video/witness evidence of something being created by God.  Or someone actually seeing God and capturing photographic evidence of Him.  Plus, this is an ironic claim, since not only do creationists say there is so much evidence against evolution, plus God could do anything he wanted, given that he would be an omnipotent deity that makes Anthony Fremont look like a little kid.  A normal little kid, anyway.  Point is, if God could do anything, that makes creationism unfalsifiable.
An argument that’s similar to #1 states that evolution starts with, well, the preconception of evolution.  Actually, that isn’t true.  Evolution, being real science, looks for answers in nature.  Meanwhile, Answers In Genesis, in a recent blog post, said that by starting with the Bible, finds like missing links are easy to refute.  So therefore, they’re using preconceptions found in the Bible.  But if the Bible didn’t exist, maybe someone would look at all the transitional fossils out there and say, “Hey, maybe we evolved!”


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