Evilution-I Don’t Think So!

One of the strangest (and most wrong) arguments against evolution, or at least the morality of evolution, is that Hitler used Darwinian mechanics as an excuse for the Holocaust.  Now, that’s wrong in several ways, since to use evolution as an excuse, Hitler would have to have UNDERSTOOD evolution, which he clearly didn’t.  I’ll probably be using Rational Wiki (your one-stop shop for all things atheistic) as a resource for this entire article, so kudos to them for assembling these problems.  He would have misunderstood evolution in a variety of ways, like:

  1. More evolution=superiority.  That actually depends on your definition of superiority.  Minnows, for instance, aren’t very big.  They aren’t very strong, and if you weren’t very nice, you might even call them dumb.  But if you toss a human with no diving gear into Lake Michigan, who would last longer?  The same goes with pigeons-not the strongest, not the biggest, and maybe not the brightest, but if you tossed a human off the Grand Canyon, who would get the last laugh?
  2. Racial purity=being better evolved.  Quite the opposite, actually.  The more genes an animal baby could inherit, the more likely something useful will come along, and thus the species will become better evolved in the long run.  But of course, Hitler didn’t know that, so he went crazy and started killing off everybody who could possibly disrupt his idea of purity, when in fact, he should have been supporting them-supporting everyone, in fact, but that’s not the point.
  3. The Nazis obviously needed to do something about this.  If, in fact, the Aryan “race” was better evolved than any other race, it would only take maybe a couple decades before they would have established dominance.  But, obviously, there is no “dominant race” when it comes to humans, so this is just an example of social Darwinism (a basic slur, considering that Charles Darwin was not the first to think nature evolved on its own) being used to justify pure evil.  Social Darwinism also makes several key mistakes when it comes to evolution, such as might makes right.  Might, or speed, or poisonous skin, or armor, or… well, you get the idea.

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