Creationist Myths-Busted!

You know this guy?  Come on, you know him.

Adam Savage

He has openly stated that he is an atheist, or at least that he has no use for church visits or praying.  Don’t believe me?  Look at this.  This guy, Adam Savage, hosts the awesome Discovery Channel show Mythbusters.  On the show, he and his friend Jamie Hyneman, along with another trio of skeptics, either busts or proves classic urban legends.  Among the stuff they’ve busted are the Diver Skeleton Dumped From Plane myth, and of course the James Bond Magnetic Watch myth.  But they’ve confirmed others, like the Alcatraz Escape myth (the only problem-the escapees were never found) and the Bug Bomb Explosion myth.  Unfortunately, the show’s policy does not allow for the paranormal, so I’ll go on and try to “bust” some overly used, yet overly refuted, creationist myths.  Here I go…

  • Darwin, upon his deathbed, renounced evolution.  This argument goes back years, and there are several problems with it.  First of all, the person who apparently witnessed this, a British evangelist named Elizabeth Hope, was never seen by any of Darwin’s children, who were with him throughout his final days.  And anyway, one person’s opinion doesn’t change the facts of science, even if that person was Charles Darwin.  For more information, check out this link.
  • Scientists have found a missing day, which coincides with a Bible story in which Joshua stopped the sun for a whole day.  There are two problems with this crazy idea-one, Joshua stopped the SUN, which stays in one place.  For the story to be right, geocentricism would have to be true.  The second problem is that there is no way for scientists to find a missing day, since you’d have to go back thousands of years, to the time of the apparent story.  The claim is so fraudulent, even the popular Internet site Snopes had to address it in this article, which also talks about the claim’s history.
  • Noah’s Ark has been found, as evidence shows in a 1949 photograph.  Here’s the photo:

Ararat Anomaly

I’m guessing the “ark” in this photo is that thing up near the summit that looks like a super-thick nuclear submarine.  Hey, do any of you older folks out there in the audience recall this image, captured by a Mars probe:

Face On Mars

 This whole “Ararat Anomaly” photo is just the same-a piece of nature misinterpreted to be something it’s not.  The official term is pareidolia, and you probably use it every day without realizing it: animals in the clouds, faces in the rocks, Jesus in the coffee.  In this case, the Ark was probably a glacier or rock formation.

Because Adam and Jamie can’t test these myths themselves, I decided to help bust them myself.


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