“Kinds” Versus Species: The Ark Animals

Okay, so Creation Science Evangelism has just posted an article about how Noah could have fit two of every animal onto the Ark.  But just how is this possible?  To quote from the article:

“Let’s do something radical.  Let’s look at what the Bible actually says.”

And the Bible apparently says that fowl and cattle (I’m assuming that fowl means all things flying and that cattle means all things walking.  Man the Bible is tougher to read than Shakespeare!) came on the Ark, two of every sort.  Okay, that’s what the Bible actually says.  But of course, CSE (specifically the British creationist Paul Taylor, who is writing this article) says, Noah didn’t need to bring insects and other invertebrates!  They could have easily floated on rafts of vegetation!  That is illogical, Captain Taylor, because those rafts would be like twigs in a hurricane!  And how would you feed them?  For more information, check here.  And of course, says Taylor, marine vertebrates didn’t need to be taken aboard the Ark!  Sure, some died, enough to get accurate fossils, but most survived.  Uh-huh.  I want you to do me a favor: take the skeleton of a fish, and blast it with a fire hose.  About how many pieces did you have to clean up afterwards?  That’s basically what getting hit by a global flood would be like.  The theory of the comet causing the K/T Event says that the enormous amounts of dust blocked out the sun, choking the plants.  A global flood would definitely cloud up the water considerably, choking off the coral.  And that’s not even counting the fact that tsunami shock waves would shatter those colorful creatures.

But enough about that!  Let’s go to the main part of the article: kinds.  Apparently, Noah didn’t need to bring every species of animal on the Ark!  He only needed to bring the kind!  Of course, creationists have never truly defined the term kinds, but they’re working on it… not!  You see, when we’re talking about kind today, we mean the genus, or overall group.  For example, the pliosaur genus Liopleurodon is actually made up of at least three species.  So instead of three species, Noah just had to bring two of the Liopleurodon kind!  But there’s a problem here.  While some kinds are easy to find, what about the really big families?  Was Canis Lupis Familiaris aboard the Ark?  Or the basic dog kind?  Or the basic canine kind (wolves and coyotes, too)?  Or the basic mammal… you see where I’m going with this?  Luckily, CSE provides the perfect number of “kinds” aboard the Ark-eight thousand!  That’s roughly sixteen thousand.  But wait, there’s more!  The Bible says that Noah brought seven of every “clean” kind.  Again, no definition provided!  Does “clean” mean having a soul?  Because lots of animals display social behavior, and many others have emotions.  Or does “clean” mean that they have more basic hygiene needs?  Either way, CSE says that the basic overestimate would now be thirty thousand.  And since most animals aboard the Ark were roughly the size of a sheep, there would have been room to spare!  Hey, wait a minute!  Most animals being roughly the size of sheep?

Here’s what they probably mean.  A baby hippo would probably be roughly sheep-sized, maybe smaller.  Ditto that for a bear, or a rhino, or a Corythosaurus!  Oh my!  The point is, one of Kent Hovind’s greatest arguments for the Ark is that Noah didn’t need to play poacher and get the biggest animals he could find.  If you get the little ones, you don’t need to get as much food (picture Noah walking into a Pet Smart, will you?), and you don’t need as much space!  Plus, they have the ability to produce more young, which makes them the perfect rescuers-right?  Dead wrong, Hovind.  Dead wrong.  If you start from the Bible, you notice that Noah brought every animal and its mate.  Therefore, the animals were at sexual maturity.  Then again, from a scientific point of view, most animals need their parents’ guidance to survive on their own.  The ones that don’t often grow up quickly, so it wouldn’t matter one way or another.  I got all of this from a Talkorigins article, by the way.

Now, just from this, it’s easy to see how illogical the Ark would have been.  It’s odd that so many creationists focus on the Flood itself, rather than the hero of the story, Noah.  For more information, check out here.


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