Doodling=Intelligent Illustrator

Today, let’s do something that’s kind of odd: let’s explore the world of artistic creationism.  In other words, let’s look at the classic Chick tracts, Answers In Genesis cartoons, and just for the halibut, the icon of the Vision Forum.  Why don’t we begin with the decent art (but strange message) of Jack Chick!

Jack Chick is, basically, a YEC (young earth creationist) who basically hates Harry Potter, Dungeons And Dragons, and anything else that sounds “satanic”.  A typical Chick tract will start out with a character, preferably one that’s facing a big problem, like drugs or INTENSE OCCULT TRAINING (just wait, you’ll get it later).  Sunny stuff.  Then, a person butts in and shows them the way to Heaven-repenting.  The main character then repents, and eventually goes to Heaven.  More often than not, somebody else winds up going to… well, the other place.  But some tracts make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  For example, have a look at this, from the tract Dark Dungeons (this is where the occult training thing comes in).  By the way, all art credits go to Jack Chick, though I got the image off the site Enter The Jabberwock (man, I love that poem!).

Does This Make Any Sense? At All?

Okay, first of all, D&D (Dungeons And Dragons, in case you didn’t pay attention to the info above) is NOT intense occult training.  Nor does it allow you to enter a witches’ coven.  By the way, if you know of any real-life witches’ covens in your hometown, let me know.  Second of all, last I checked, there isn’t any Diana goddess in the game, so unless Chick is trying to mangle the game, he just isn’t being accurate.  But if that didn’t make sense, look at this:

Transitional Forms

Three types of transitional forms.  This is even worse than the six types argument, which is really saying something.  By the way, this is from the Answers in Genesis website, by Dan Lietha.  All credit to him.  The concept is that there are only three types of transitional fossils: the first one being disproved hominid fossils.  If they’re talking about Lucy, they better have some wild evidence to prove that she’s a hoax.  Creationists have claimed that since the kneecap of the fossil was found miles away, it isn’t evidence for Lucy walking upright.  But that’s not true.  The kneecap was in fact found in the fossil.  The kneecap that the creationists claim is no evidence was from a different fossil.

The second, reptile to bird, is said to be hinted at, but with no evidence.  Ahem.  *cough*  NO EVIDENCE?!  Okay, let me set the record straight here: there are lots of fossils that show A) birds with reptilian features, B) feathered dinosaurs, or C) dinosaurs behaving in an attitude similar to modern birds.  Archaeopteryx.  Avimimus.  Microraptor.  Oviraptor.  Even the super-classic Velociraptor apparently had quill knobs!  No evidence?  Dan Lietha, shame on you.  The third one, based on numbers one and two, shows an evolutionist thinking that there might be a creator, and thus becoming a creationist.  Has the mustachioed guy in the cartoon read this article?  If not, I hope he does.  And now, for the finale.

Vision Forum Icon

It’s not actually a cartoon or anything (notice how it’s clearly a staged photo, except with a sketched mountain lion), but since it’s practically the insignia of Vision Forum, a popular family ministry, I figured I’d give it a basic dissection.  So, let’s begin: deep in the mountains of Cambodia… actually, it’s probably in Montana, since our two heroes are being chased by a mountain lion.  Strike that from the voiceover!  Anyway, to escape a vicious mountain lion, a boy (of about twelve or so) climbs up a frayed-looking rope, looking really smug, while a girl (about seven or eight) is shooting at it.  Wow.  You know, some of the products that Vision Forum carries are: marshmallow blasters, AK-47 inspired rubber band guns, and Taurus Airsoft Handguns.  Yikes, yikes, and triple yikes.  Remember how I said that Vision Forum is a family ministry?  Forget that.  And is that an eight-year-old girl shooting an 1872 Swiss Revolver?  Quadruple yikes.



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