New Transitional Form Discovered!

The Academy of Natural Sciences has discovered what may be another transitional form, clear evidences for evolution.  Dubbed Laccognathus (the name means pitted jaw), this fishlike fossil is from the Devonian period, when amphibians first evolved.  According to Dr. Ted Daeschler, a paleontologist at the Academy:

“Laccognathus is a large fish, five to six feet in length.  (It) probably prowled freshwater streams and delta systems.  Flat head, very small eyes, very big mouth, very big teeth.”

Laccognathus embryi

Apparently, Laccognathus has limb-like fins that may prove to be the ancestor of modern legs.  Evolution predicts that transitional forms will exist between amphibians and fish.  We find creatures like Tiktaalik, Icthyostega, and now Laccognathus, evidence for evolution.  Creationists will inevitably say that Laccognathus is just a fish.  That’s true, but Laccognathus also has those cool limb-like fins that are probably the precursor to amphibian legs.  The creationists say the same thing about Archaeopteryx, too, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most famous evidences for evolution!

Note: Information, quote, and image courtesy of Yahoo! News.


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