Hominid Babel, ID’s Fatal Flaw, and Theistic Evolution

Believe it or not, evolution has a Babel-like story, too, except this one is based on real evidence and took a lot more time to happen than the other story.  It starts in Africa, where hominids (the ape-like ancestors of human beings) originated.  We have dated most hominid species (such as Australopithecus afarensis, one of the most famous “missing links” ever discovered) at being a few million years old.  Coincidentally, most of them are found in regions of Africa.  Newer fossils, like neanderthals, are found in northern regions, like Europe and Asia.  This points to one conclusion: hominids originated in Africa, then slowly migrated north, where they evolved into more fitting forms to survive the incoming last Ice Age.  Meanwhile, the Asian hominid species migrated to North and South America via land bridges (Stretches of land that can be traversed by animals.  Land bridges explain how many prehistoric species from the South American island continent went extinct-predators traveled to South America via land bridge.) and began to get more intelligent.  As the last Ice Age came to an end, all hominids evolved into one form: Homo sapiens, or us humans.  It’s a fascinating story, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, on the ID side of the creation/evolution spectrum, I know a way to win any debate with a proponent of intelligent design: start talking about bad design.  Now, this only works with proponents of intelligent design, because creationists explain bad design away with The Fall, but folks who believe ID constantly claim that their theory (ha!) isn’t religious.  However, no designer would give us the appendix (which has little or no use and is more like a biological time bomb), or force narwhals to swim upside down.  Things like this are no problem for evolution, because natural selection makes things better, not perfect.  But intelligent design clearly states that everything was designed, and is therefore perfect.  Now, if ID was actually creationism, The Fall would explain all of this.  That’s what makes this argument so clever: there is no way to explain bad design outside of The Fall, which is religion.  So, either evolution happened, or intelligent design is religion.  This puts ID proponents in a pretty bad spot.

Recently, I was reading one of Answers in Genesis’s daily articles (I check their website every day to check those articles), and found a piece called Intelligent Design Is Not Enough.  The article is basically about how intelligent design accepts evolution.  Let me quote from the article (in which Dr. Michael Behe, who teaches college classes in my town, believe it or not, is described):

“In fact, one could really call Behe a type of Theistic Evolutionist.”

It doesn’t sound like much, I know, but here’s what that sentence means: theistic evolution and intelligent design are equals.  Outright lie!  One of ID’s foremost books, the infamous Of Pandas and People, quite clearly states that intelligent design says things came into being abruptly, birds with feathers and fish with fins.  They say it came into being through an “intelligent agency”, and similar wordings.  If that doesn’t scream creationism, I don’t know what does.  But that’s not the point.  The point is, this definition of ID says that birds and fish didn’t evolve on their own.  On the other hand, theistic evolution says the opposite.  It does, however, allow room for a designer, or even the Christian God.  So, that AiG article is a falsehood, because there are a few major differences between God-friendly theistic evolution and supposedly scientific intelligent design.

Well, that’s all for now.  See you next time, when we hopefully discuss Answers in Genesis’s series of cartoons.


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