Doodling=Intelligent Illustrator 2

Hey, guys!  How about another round of creationist imagery?  Let’s be true to the previous Doodling=Intelligent Illustrator post and start with an image from a Chick tract!  This one here was found in the tract The Nervous Witch, while the image itself was found on Wikipedia!

Oh, come on, really?  I, personally, have read every single Harry Potter book (my personal record is three days), and I have not encountered a single ouija board!  Crystal balls, well, yeah, they got mentioned.  I think tarot cards, too, but maybe not.  But does Jack really think that J.K. Rowling is having a demonic influence on modern children?  I mean, even Snopes has done a piece on this!  The truth is, this argument is completely baseless.  I mean, by a show of hands, who here has ever said out loud a spell from a Harry Potter book?  And how many times, also by a show of hands, has that spell’s powers come to life?  Does this tell you something?  Next up, we have a piece of AiG art, by Dan Lietha!

Yes, many paleontology programs have multimillion dollar budgets, but that’s only to make the prehistoric creatures that the programs feature more realistic, and thus, more scientifically accurate.  I mean, if we had a cute little featherless Velociraptor puppet prancing about onscreen, that might be harmless and cost-effective, but if we want to give people actual science, we use a combination of animatronics and CGI to create a life-sized (Velociraptor, believe it or not, was actually just a little bigger than a turkey.), feathered raptor that is supported by science.  And just to throw some salt in the wound here, how much cash is AiG raising to build a life-size Ark in Kentucky?  24 million dollars, that’s how much.  So, does millions of dollars make evolution look more convincing?  Well, not to the creationists, but to the people who like accurate dinosaurs?  Totally.  And, to finish this creationist art trifecta, let’s go to another AiG cartoon!

Oh, come on, Dan!  Please do not go with the flawed “science” (at least, more flawed) of CSE and blame school shootings on evolution!  Evolution is not (necessarily, depending on your point of view): atheistic, nihilistic, Nazi-based, immoral, Stalinist, or anything else that I might have missed!  So don’t go blaming Columbine on lack of Christianity in the schools!

And that pretty much ends Doodling=Intelligent Illustrator 2!  I wonder what I should include in the third one…



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