Reviewing Jack Chick: The Little Princess

Today, we’ll be dissecting my first Halloween-themed tract, The Little Princess, in which a dying little girl gets saved.  As the Chick website puts it, this story has a “happy ending”.  Whenever a description on the site says that about a tract, you automatically know that the main character’s gonna die by the end.  Of course, they’ll go to heaven, but hey, it’s a double-edged sword.  Let’s begin!

Mrs. Spencer… Heidi has gills.  Wow, that is a hideous mother.  That reminds me of an urban legend I once read about: the whole dead-hand prank thing going awry.  You’ve probably heard about it.

Why does Heidi have a giant flashbulb camera next to her bed?  And, for that matter, why doesn’t her room have a proper light switch?  It looks like somebody smacked it off or something.

She can have anything, and she wants to go TRICK-OR-TREATING?!  I mean, sure, Halloween is loved by everyone (except for Jack here, who thinks it’s satanic), but I would wish for something like a laptop, or maybe a copy of the Spore Creepy & Cute Pack.  I don’t even go trick-or-treating on Halloween anymore, but I still dress up to hand out candy.

Yeesh, suddenly Heidi isn’t so cute anymore.  It looks like the oxygen tank is trying to tell her something secret.

Wait… what happened to her brother?  Now it looks like a zombified version of Billy the Kid is accompanying her on her final trick-or-treat.  Assuming she went trick-or-treating before, because this tract seems to imply that she hasn’t.

And NOW it looks like a newspaper cartoon is her chaperone!  Ack, what’s with the sudden change in art direction, Jack!  Help me out here!

Hey, she’s giving out actual Chick tracts!  Nice advertising, Jack!

What’s with the hesitation to mention Josh?  Is she trying to write him out or something?

Man, that dad looks sooooo smug right there, in the second panel?  Apparently, Jack doesn’t care what emotions his characters have, so long as what they say and do gets through to you.  Technical bit, there.

Let’s go, honey!  Salvation Plan Alpha Bravo, go go go!

Hey, there’s a giant mouse in her bed!  Why haven’t her parent noticed?

The parents are eavesdropping!  D’oh!

Aside from the oddly rounded chin, Heidi know looks a lot more grown up.  I’ll let this one slide, because the constantly shifting art styles in this tract are becoming a lot more familiar to me.

You’re right, Mr. Smith, it isn’t an accident.  Heidi asked for your company, and you accepted.  It’s because of Heidi that you’re here.  So, no, it isn’t an accident.

Oh my gosh, Heidi decapitated her own mother!  The horror!

Who could that be?  You have until this creepy staring session is up to figure it out!

Bingo!  It’s Jesus (as per usual), who has now joined Areosmith!

Just like in Somebody Angry, we have a side view of an old man’s face, with extremely geometric features.  It’s a trend in Chick tracts.

Wait… now a guy with sunglasses is standing in the living room!  Art style change!  Art style change!

I saw the welcome-to-heaven bit in another tract.  I really hate to say it, but it’s actually kinda cute.

Glad to see we have some recognizable time frame here-this tract takes place in 1998.  Which is weird, because Josh’s hair is totally ’80s.

Well, that’s the end of that!  That was a pretty short dissection, but taught me just how frequently the art style changes from bad to god-awful.  And why doesn’t anybody thank Josh?  I mean, if it wasn’t for him letting Heidi go to the Smiths’ and get the tract, none of them would have been saved!  For that matter, why didn’t Heidi just give the tract to her parents and brother?  A lot of overreaction here!


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