Doodling=Intelligent Illustrator 3

It is time again for another Doodling=Intelligent Illustrator!  This time around, since I don’t have much Jack Chick to go on, let’s mix it up and do a bunch of After Eden cartoons!

Yeah, AiG’s position on aliens is pretty interesting.  They say that the Bible doesn’t say no, but that the search for alien life is based on an evolutionary worldview.  But extraterrestrial life is almost absolute in the Milky Way, and certain in the universe.  After all, we’re just one of many hundreds, thousands, even millions of planets.  It’s unreasonable and illogical to think that we’re the only life out there.  Intelligent life equivalent to our own?  That’s also possible, but slightly less likely.  In other words, AiG’s argument here is pretty hollow if you look at it from a logical standpoint.

Oh, har-de-har-har, Dan.  Darwin wasn’t born agnostic, you know.  In fact, he was what you might call a good Christian (if not a young earth creationist, but you never know).  Charles has to be bluffing here.  No kid his age would think that a birthday cake evolved.  I know this is supposed to be satirical, but it somehow falls short of what counts as funny.  Plus, Charles’ dad looks like he just swallowed a lemon whole.

There’s actually a perfectly reasonable explanation for increased hominid intelligence.  You can find a more detailed explanation on the neat BBC show Walking with Cavemen (Warning: Naked Neanderthals!), but here it is in layman’s terms: Homo habilis, one of the first hominid species to use tools, cut open animal bones to find food.  Inside, they found bone marrow, which is rich in nutrients (ick, but true).  Anyway, by eating the marrow, their brains evolved to become bigger and smarter, allowing them to eventually conquer the earth.  This next one is called Evidence of ?

This is stupid.  Like, Chick tract meets Dr. Dino in a train wreck of bad science stupid.  First of all, there is no evolutionary “evangelist”.  Well, not in the literal sense.  There are plenty of scientists that support and talk about evolution, but that isn’t necessarily evangelism.  There are no evolution tracts (except for the parody Chick tract Who’s Your Daddy), or churches of Darwin, or even a shrine to Huxley!  Besides, I can understand the television, bumper stickers, and maybe even the video games, but restaurant tray liners?  Roller coasters?  MUSIC VIDEOS?!  Evolution is not a massive popular cultural phenomenon!  Richard Dawkins doesn’t hang out with A-list celebrities!

That’s a cute cartoon, Dan, but it doesn’t check out.  First of all, Earth Day mainly celebrates caring for the environment, not eliminating all references to God.  I mean, from a Christian point of view, Earth Day makes sense, because you would be celebrating and caring for what you find to be God’s creation, so how is this anti-God?

What intrigues me here is how Dan portrays the earth-in one supercontinent, like Pangea.  This may be what he thinks the Garden of Eden looked like, but there’s a major flaw in this that you can find in Jerry Coyne’s awesome book, Why Evolution Is True.  Assuming continental drift was the same back in the First World War (the one in this cartoon, that is), why are the continents so far apart?  Maybe that was a result of the Fall, but evidently, that’s when the cartoon takes place.  Please explain!



  1. #1 by Joe on January 29, 2012 - 12:10 am

    You cannot assume that the rate of continental drift was the same throughout the earth’s history. You are forgetting the global flood and how destructive that event would have been.

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