The Knee-Mail Connection

So, here I was, reading Kent Hovind’s blog, when I see this Knee-Mail post.  In case you’re wondering, Kent does this thing on his blog called Knee-Mail, where he talks to God (or Biblical figures) in prayer, and apparently records it.  So, here I am, and I see Kent did a Knee-Mail with none other than Adolf Hitler!  Basically, the two are watching the Olympics, and Hitler is commenting on Jesse Owens.  So, basically Hitler says that Owens is “less-evolved” and whatnot.  Kent is (peacefully) arguing with him, but what does Hitler say?

“It’s all based on the science of evolution! Since the strongest survive and the weakest die off, we have decided to speed up the process by eliminating the inferior races of Jews and blacks. War itself will demonstrate which is the most fit race.”

Um, no.  How unbelievably stupid is this?  The Holocaust was not inspired by evolution!  Evolution, instead of saying the strongest survive, says that the fittest survive.  For example, antelope aren’t very strong, but they have managed to survive because of their long legs: they allow the antelope to run much faster, and thus evade predators.  Natural selection favors this trait, and the antelope survive another generation.  But if an antelope is born with even longer legs, it would most likely pass down its genes (and the longer legs) to its kids.  Eventually, the new antelope would become so distinct, a new species would be classified!

In other words, the only way you can blame Hitler’s actions on evolution is by understanding evolution yourself.  And Hovind here certainly does not.


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