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It’s The Little Stuff That Counts

Let’s do a thought experiment here.  I have just built a time machine, and I have invited you to come with me on a little prehistoric field trip.  We’re hurtling through time, and all the while, both of us are wondering what we’ll see there.  Finally, we arrive at our destination: the Jurassic period, the Golden Age of dinosaurs.  We’re in a thick forest of huge trees.  There’s no grass, just lots of ferns and cycads littering dark brown earth.  There’s some squawking from the treetops, and suddenly a small bird has landed on a rotten long, directly in front of us.  I pull out my cool hologram device, and call up an image of that exact creature-Archaeopteryx, the first known bird.  Here’s a diagram showing some VERY intriguing features of Archaeopteryx.  Just imagine it as a hologram, folks.


Now, if you don’t look to closely, Archaeopteryx just looks like a bird.  But peek inside the mouth, and what do you find?  Teeth!  I challenge you to find one modern bird that has teeth!  But here’s something that DOES have teeth-reptiles!  And fossil consistency shows that some reptiles, and by reptiles I mean dinosaurs, had feathers!  Feathered dinosaurs and toothed birds.  I’m sensing a missing link here.  And you know, nine out of ten times, missing links are proven by smaller features, like the fishlike Tiktaalik.  Tiktaaliks, while having many fishy features, also had certain bone characteristics that were shared by the land-dwelling tetrapods.  And here’s the funny thing: creationists claim all of these fossils DON’T EXIST.  And I quote from Creation Science Evangelism’s description of a paleontology book:

“It is interesting to note that absolutely no transitional forms have been found in the fossil record connecting any of the major groups of living creatures.”

And, according to wildly wrong creationist Kent Hovind, the falsification of ONE feathered dinosaur means that the whole idea is baloney.  I mean, he holds up a book called Feathered Dinosaurs Of China, and questions why they’re still teaching it.  Remember, this is from one fossil.  What would he do if the dinosaur turned out to be real?  That’s called stretching the truth.  And now the creationists are getting desperate here, so they claim that Archaeopteryx is a fraud, just like the feathered dinosaur they stretch the truth about.  And even THAT feathered dinosaur was just a misidentification of at least two fossils, not like the Piltdown Man.  Okay, so to disprove the Bible, scientists faked missing links.  Is that reasonable?  Is that honest?  Would a reasonable, honest scientist do something like that, just to try and kill God?  Kenneth Miller is a personal Christian, but still believes that the evidence supports evolution.  And he’s a very popular scientist.  Charles Darwin himself had faith in God, though admittedly, in the years leading up to his death, it started to dwindle.  But do I make my point?

Oh, and another insane creationist claim about paleontology and bird evolution-most evolutionists say that dinosaurs evolved from the lizard-hipped dinosaurs, known as the Saurischians, but that makes no sense, considering that we’re told that birds evolved from dinosaurs.  Doesn’t it make more sense for birds to have evolved from the Ornithischian, or bird-hipped, dinosaurs?  Not if you take a look at what each family includes!  The bird-hipped dinosaurs include ankylosaurs, stegosaurs, and ceratopsians, all of whom were four-legged.  In fact, most Ornithischians had four legs.  In the Saurischians, however, you have Oviraptor, Velociraptor, and the mighty T-Rex, all of whom very well could have been feathered.  Does that make sense now?

Transitional fossils are some of the greatest evidences of evolution out there, so why do creationists constantly attack them?  It’s because dinosaurs are both a gift and a curse to them, and without the curse, they have possibly irrefutable evidence!  But the curse (at least to the creationists) still exists, like it or not.

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