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Perfect? Not.

I was recently watching some Creation Adventure Team videos when I realized something-there was no way that the Garden of Eden, even if it existed, could have been perfect?  Why?  Because it might not have been.  Confused?  Let me explain:

Creationists think that the Garden of Eden was perfect, until the Serpent tempted Eve with a fruit that would make her all-knowing.  Eve ate the fruit (which AiG thinks looks like a purple hand grenade, make of that what you will), and sin entered the world.  But here’s the thing: creationists also think that the Garden of Eden was absolutely perfect, with no death or sadness.  No death and sadness, sure, but perfection?  Simply not possible, for two reasons.

  1. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.  To me, running around in a forest naked is NOT perfection.  It’s a fever dream.  You could argue that the perfection was agreed upon by God, Adam, and Eve, but that doesn’t change the fact that perfection varies from person to person.  My idea of perfect is probably a lot different from yours.
  2. If the Bible is true, then God deliberately set up both the tree and the Serpent.  Ergo, he both set his creation up for failure (not a good God) and created an opportunity for imperfection.  The only way something could be absolutely perfect regardless of definition is if there was no opportunity for it to become imperfect.

Therefore, the Garden of Eden couldn’t have been perfect according to the description of the Bible.  By calling the Garden of Eden perfect, while saying that there was the chance of it being imperfect, creationists have completely contradicted themselves.


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